Google tag assistant is essential for anyone who own a website. Period.

Almost every website contains a few important code snippets, to help it’s creator to track, manage, advertise.

The most common code snippets are connected or belong to different Google tools.

We always use Google Analytics, Google Remarketing, Google Conversion and sometimes Google Tag manager.

The Google Tag Assistance extension can help you as a developer in 2 ways:

1) You can always check, in a click of a button, if all your codes work perfectly.

The extension will also notify if the codes are embedded, but not exactly in the right place.

2) When you’re going to do some research about other websites, you should always check what codes they are using. You know, to get inspired…

Also, you’ll be able to know if the website you’re visiting, contains a Remarketing code (like here 🙂 ).

We tried the extension on, and see what we found


Bloomberg webmaster needs to re-arrange their codes 🙂

You can see that they have way too many analytics codes, and many errors.

This is one of the extensions you should always have, install it here.


EZ Summary

Who is it for? Website owners.

Price? Like all Google tools – FREE

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Google is Google.
A useful product if you’re building/managing websites.

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