View data on your AdSense, Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers ads and accounts, and block unsuitable ads on your site.

Google Publisher Toolbar is something that every website owner should have, if he is using Google Adsense, analytics, DoubleClick or Ad Exchange.

The extension (a Google official) lets you view information on each of your Google ads, block unsuitable creatives, and see an account overview, all while browsing your own site.

First, you’ll have to sign into your different accounts-

After adding the relevant accounts, each time you’ll see one of your ads (while you’re in your website), it will contain basic information about the ads, including its size, display URL and the advertiser name. Clicking on the overlay generates an Ad Details pop-up with more detailed data.

You can also click on the extension button on every page on your website to generate an account overview pop-up that provides a helpful summary including: an estimated account earnings summary for today, yesterday, this month or last month, and the top five channels or top five sites in descending order of revenue for today, yesterday, 7 days, this month and last month.

With the Google Publisher Toolbar, you get an easily accessible account overview and enhanced insight into the ads on your page, together with the ability to manage creatives, without ever leaving your site.


Very nice tool for website owners that use different Google tools for publishers.


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Who is it for? Site owners

Price? Free

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Great tool

A must have for website owners with that monetize with Google.

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