An official Facebook tool that helps you validate your FB Conversion and Custom Audience Pixels.

Just like in the ‘Google Tag Assistant‘ , Facebook developed an extension that lets you know if the Facebook pixels we’re embedded right in your website.
Today, Facebook offers two pixel types, to help advertisers target better (Remarketing pixel) and get better performance (conversion pixel).
Both pixels should be embedded smoothly in the website, and in the right places.

The FB Pixel Helper works in the background to automatically review the websites you browse for code that looks like a FB marketing pixel.
When a website has a FB pixel installed the extension icon will turn blue and a small badge will appear, indicating the number of pixels found on the page.

When clicking on the extension button (only if it turned blue), you’ll see some useful information about the FB pixels.
In the screenshot below, you can how we checked the FB pixels on, and found two of them.

FB pixel

If the pixel is placed right and is being loaded correctly, its side indicator will get green.
If something is wrong, the indicator will be red, and you’ll get a short explanation about what you need to fix, and how.

This extension is useful, but if you are a website owner, you will only need to use it once to check your codes. Maybe this is the reason that the tool has only 80K users… What we couldn’t understand though, is how Facebook developed it only for Chrome…

Anyway, it’s always nice to see one huge corporation (Facebook) developing a product for another huge corporation platform (Chrome Web Store) 🙂 .


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Who is it for? Website owners, website developers, digital marketing managers…

Price? Free

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Get it if you own a website

You won’t use it a lot, but it’s really an easy way to check something very important.

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