You know what? It’s Ok to sell your company and make a shitload of money.
It’s also Ok to keep the buyer name confidential, if that’s what the buyer paid for.

A few hours ago, AdBlock users got notified that the company was sold.
Well, the users got notified that AdBlock joined the “Acceptable Ads” program, and only the ones who read the small letters at the end, noticed that the creator, Michael Gundlach, sold the company to a secret buyer.

 So, who bought AdBlock?
Well, we don’t know, but the timing says a lot..
AdBlock joined the “Acceptable Ads” program, that was initiated by AdBlock competitor – AdBlockPlus.
This initiative basically lets “good ads” the opportunity to be whitelisted and shown to users who installed the ad blockers who joined the program..
AdBlock has more than 40 million users – that’s a lot of users that don’t want to see ads at all, and will now see ads again.
What’s a good ad? Who knows…

Obviously, the secret buyer wanted AdBlock to join the Acceptable Ads initiative, and it was probably its main requirement for buying the company.
This fact is a huge clue to the buyer’s identity – someone who will make a lot of money, if 40 million more users will see ads.
We can think of a few potential buyers 🙂
It can be one of the biggest ad exchanges like Google, it can be a private investor that sees the opportunity of making money out of whitelisting “good ads”, and it can even be AdBlock Plus itself.

The bottom line to this whole AdBlock story – if you want to block all ads, you can still do it with Adblock or Adblock plus, and you can obviously install and support other, smaller ad blockers.

This is the way of the world; people create great products – gain lots of users – being acquired by someone with interest.