Netflix is everywhere. Yes!
Well, not exactly..

At the latest CES conference, Netflix announced their global expansion to almost every country on the globe.
As expected, Netflix fans around the world got excited by the fact that they will now have the opportunity to enjoy TV series and movies with a monthly subscription.
But, things aren’t so simple…

Turns out that the content varied from each country.
Although the company expanded its service, Netflix Streaming has not given full access worldwide to all content– it differs from each country. Many countries have a ‘lite’ version of the service.

If you want  full access to all the content Netflix Streaming provides, you’ll want to use a VPN.
With a VPN (Virtual Private Network), plus Netflix’s global service, you’ll get access to even more great TV series and movies than ever before.
A Virtual Private Network allows you to connect to a remote server so you can browse the web as if you were in another country.

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Don’t forget the popcorn!