The Extension Zone team had the opportunity to interview Tatsuki Tomita; Co-Founder and COO at Vivaldi.

As expected, the questions we asked are mainly about extensions.
It’s important to mention that Vivaldi is still in the ‘tech previews’ stages and some decisions regarding different subjects, including extensions, are still in progress.
Having said that, Tatsuki was kind enough to answer any question, even if the answer is – “We’re still thinking about it”.
When something is being built for the community, it has to take into account the community needs, and this is one of the things that the Vivaldi team do best – listen.
Enjoy the reading.

First, lets start with a short Bio:
My name is Tatsuki Tomita. I am a co-founder and COO at Vivaldi.
Jon and I started Vivaldi together in 2014.

I’m a technology entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, California. Currently, I am a co-founder and COO at Vivaldi.
I  held various executive positions at Opera Software and played a significant role in driving the growth of the company.

I hold a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Economics and currently I’m taking part of MBA for Executive program at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

What is the Vivaldi vision:
We aim to offer advanced web browser for power user. It’s designed for people wanting to get more out of their web experience. Through a range of powerful features, we like to enable users to customize their experience, much more than they can with any other browser in the market.

Customization is important because we recognize that everyone is different, and each person wants to do things differently. To achieve this, we want to work closely together with our user community and develop our products based on their feedback.

When inspecting the technical preview and the Vivaldi website, it seems that you attend to release the browser with built-in functionality that on other browsers available only by extensions (notes, speed dials, tab stacks…).
How do you make a decision, which functionality will be built-in, and which will be built by the community as an extension/add-on?
In general, we want to offer as many features as possible.  The benefit of integrated features as opposed to offering as 3rd party add-ons is that we can performance optimize and deliver consistent user experience. Also, there is less risk of potential security, privacy concerns for the users. We listen to our users feedback and decide which one to integrate. 

Having said that, we won’t be able to meet every single user’s request so extension is a good way to offer more options. Offering choice is a good thing.

Do you intend to open an App/extension market?
Will it be similar to other browsers’ stores?
Yes, we do, but the design and how it works is not quite ready to be shared so I cannot comment at this point.

How do you intend to prevent malware, viruses and scams on the Vivaldi extension platform?
Our plan is making sure that we check each extension submitted to us before it gets published. 

What Interfaces/events and API will be exposed to extensions developer?
This is something we are currently discussing so stay tuned!

What will be the platform/technology to Build Vivaldi Extension? Will it be html/js/css chrome?
Yes, basically. But we may also provide some custom APIs when makes sense, but then again, this is under discussions.

On a personal level, what extensions do you use today?
I tried to keep things simple, but I use Https everywhere, Lastpass, Disconnect and sometimes Readability.
Sometimes when there is a need for it, I use things like user agent switcher, Awesome screenshots.

On behalf of the extension developer community, we would like to thank Tatsuki Tomita.
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