Google Chrome Store organizes browser extensions in an act that shows that this industry isn’t going anywhere.

We had a lot of criticism towards Google Chrome store over the years, mainly regarding their lack of doing, with anything related to browser extensions.
Something is definitely starting to change.

We saw this change was coming, slowly, but in the last few months we wrote a few blog posts about interesting cooperations of the Chrome store with websites like LifeHacker and Product Hunt.
The Google Chrome Store team asked both websites’ editors to recommend their preferred chrome extensions, and made 2 categories out of their recommendations.

Now, a bigger step towards a better store has been made, as more sub categories were added, especially for users that aren’t sure what they are looking for.
Very similar to Google’s Android play store, this new layout makes a lot of sense for users who just came in to see what’s new.

Here are a few interesting examples:

  • New and Updated extensions & Editor’s picks –

These categories show the core of good extensions that every user should consider having on his browser.
We’re still not sure what the parameters are for being featured in this super premium list, but we can agree with most of the picks.

chrome store1


  • Expand Your Social Circle, Get Organized –

2 very interesting categories with a lot of productivity inside.
We found a few odd picks, but at least there’s a good variety.


chrome store2

  • Kitchen Companions –

This one we liked the most… We think that most users don’t look for kitchen related extensions, and this way the Chrome store is being more of a discovery platform than just a store.

chrome store3

That’s just a few of the categories added to the store, we recommend to jump on a quick visit  so you can see yourself.

We still think there’s a lot to do with the ranking algorithm, that don’t really calculate users ratings and product updates, but the wind is blowing in the right direction. Finally.