Procrastination Station: We’ve all Been There

For when you don’t just feel like doing anything, Google has added a new section to the Chrome Extension Store – The Procrastination Station.

The new section, which currently features 33 extensions, draws pick from various categories. Google’s goal with this new category is to make wasting time as fun as possible. Loaded with mini-games, GIF stores, avatar makers, and lots more, there’s one for all types of cravings.

Procastination Station 1

Notable items at the procrastination station include Beat Finder, an amazing music detector for Chrome browser. Giphy, the world’s most popular GIF search engine also makes a debut. As you would expect, games take up a sizable percentage of the store, with FarmVille,  mini golf, and Croosing among others.

Want to go virtual shopping instead? You can pick up the Ebay or Amazon assistant extensions. Or, you could just go virtual window shopping with the FashionLover extension.

Also, you get other extensions like a fun search engine; Jelly, Oh my IG; an Instagram client, and Riff; a live client for favorite shows.

However, the station is not all fun. You get; a marketing content flow feed, and Gruveo Instant Connect; a secure video call platform.

Not procrastination station is complete with the mother of all time wasters: YouTube. Google picked one for YouTube lover as well, in Sideplayer; an extension that allows you watch YouTube in a floating player while doing other things.

Feeling a little lazy?

Visit the procrastination station today to get a taste of what Google has on offer. You might just find a gem.

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