Google can’t or won’t rank extensions in the Chrome Store.

Only a few days ago we wrote a blog post about the Chrome Web Store new design.
We had a few good things to say, mainly about the fact that someone still cares about the platform, but we also had the same old criticism about how the platform ranks extensions. Well, how it doesn’t rank extensions actually.

Today, we saw this example that we just had to share…
Under the new “Productivity” section on the extension home page, the #1 extension was Minitube.


A few facts about Minitube –
1) The extension last update was in July, 2012.
2) It has only 307 users.
3) It has only 8 reviews.
4) It works only with Ubuntu!


Man, this is insulting.
It’s not a one time issue, it happens almost every time we open the Chrome store.

How hard can it be to build a simple, solid ranking algorithm that works, for a company like Google? They have done a great job with the Play Store for ranking apps, they can do the same for million of users who believe in extensions.

How can extension developers be motivated to build great products if they see that the product itself has nothing to do with how it will be ranked?
People work days and weeks building extensions, knowing that they won’t see a dime out of it (in most cases), but with a strong feeling that they can make a change – They should have the chance to experience success based on the products they built.

Feeling frustrated?
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